PJ's Entertainment

Don't judge a book by it's cover....

Bar Photos
Mar. 12-18
Booty * Booty * Booty!
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We thought you'd like to see
what PJ's looks like
once you step


our little Neighborhood Bar & Girl.

Come enjoy a Brew with a View!

We serve a 60oz. size pitcher here,
and offer ELEVEN beers on tap.

View of the front 1/2 of PJ's Entertainment

This is the front half of PJ's.
Comfortable bar stools and plenty of seating.
Our bartenders treat you well, and are cute and friendly!
We have a very well-kept pool table, two TVs,
and a video game machine at the end of the bar.

We have the sexiest, most talented dancers in Ventura County!

When you're sitting at the bar,
this is a view of the stage
and seating area.

That flexible beauty is Jade,
one of our very talented and sexy dancers.

There are three tables, and lots of seating at the stage.

This is the main seating area in front of the stage.
We have lots of seating available at the stage,
so you can enjoy up close and personal entertainment!
There are three tables in this back half of the bar,
and more bar stools at the counters along the back walls.